Resume of Ali Hajihashemi

This paper is about my work experiences, skills, education and special skills.



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Contact Information:

Name: Ali Hajihashemi

Address: A-07-13_Crescent1_Jalan Fauna_Cyberjaya_Selangor_Malaysia

Campus Address: Multimedia University_ Jalan Multimedia_63000_Cyberjaya_Selangor_Malaysia

Phone Number: (+60) 17 226 7909




I’m a student in virtual reality at creative multimedia faculty of multimedia university, with 6 years of experience in design and specifically interactive design. I’m working as a freelancer now while I’m studying and focused on 3Dimensial designs (such as 3d architectural visualization, environmental design and visualization, simulation devices design and game design). I used to working with 2Dimensional software but now the angle changed to 3Dimension. I like to design for games and simulation devices and at all I’m interested in working with interactive software.

I’m looking forward to get an interactive application designer or technical position in designing games in large Virtual Reality companies, also seeking for a job as simulation concept designer or modeler.


Virtual reality, Multimedia University (2008) Malaysia, Cyberjaya (current studying)

Web design with adobe flash certificate (2006) Iran, university of Esfahan

Diploma of math and physics (2008) Iran-Esfahan

Work Experiences

As a freelancer:

  • I was Responsible for Visualizing the “Terengganu Resort Hotel” in Terengganu (Malaysia) from 2D maps to 3D Perspectives, in “Engareh Design Group” Under responsibility of Senior Designer; Sepideh Ghabelzade. (March 2011)-Done in 2 months.
  • I was Responsible for Visualizing the design of papilla restaurant in Pavilion shopping mall (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) from 2D maps to 3D perspectives. (June 2011)-Done in 3 weeks.
  • I was Responsible for 3D web design of “Neguin Company” in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) . (October 2011)-Under process.

Co Curriculum activities:

  • President of Creative Multimedia Club in Multimedia University:

Time period: (July 2011-current)

Skills: Organizing designers, organizing events and competitions and the main presenter of the club in the university.

During the period of my presidency I lunched the program of knowledge garden and was the senior designer of the publicity of the event called “Iftar Gathering” by Arabic Cultural Society (ACS).

  • Secretary of Multimedia Persian Language Society (M.P.L.S):

Time Period: (June 2009-June 2010)

Skills: Group works and organizing events, writing official letters, writing proposals and designing for the design group.

During the period of my secretary position in this society I was the designer of the 2D publicity and involved in organizing events such as “Iranian new year, Movie and poetry nights, last Wednesday of Iranian year and meeting with Iranian Foreign Scientific Consulate”.



  • Autodesk 3Ds max (V-Ray and Mental Ray renderers)
    • Modeling an object
    • Texturing an object
    • Lighting a scene
    • Rendering a scene
  • Unity 3D
    • Interacting objects
    • Scripting (Java Script)
    • Animations
    • Working with cameras
    • Special effects
    • Working with Mobile Assets
  • Adobe Photoshop
    • Make textures
    • Make posters, flyers, banners and etc.
  • Adobe Illustrator
    • Make Logo
  • Adobe Premiere
    • Editing a video
  • Autodesk Mudbox
    • Texturing a model in 3D max
  • Adobe After effects
  • Pix Plant
  • Kinect software’s
  • Microsoft Office collection
  • Arduino open source software
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Special Skills:

  • 3D Interior Design
  • 3D Exterior Design
  • 3D and 2D Character Design
  • 3D Low poly Design for game
  • 3D Car and vehicle Design
  • 3D High poly design
  • Has experience in working in Modeling, Lighting, texturing and rendering with 3D max.
  • Working with Mesh, Poly and Nurb modelers in 3D max
  • Scripting with Unity software and make interactive scenes in java language
  • 3D Environment Design
  • Professional photography and picture editing with special software (such as Adobe Photoshop lightroom)